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Age: NewUpdated 2 months ago

Age: New

Our Newly-woven rugs are handwoven fresh-off the loom. Those searching for newly-woven rugs can look to many options made in India, Pakistan, Nepal, and Afghanistan. 

These pieces are perfect for those who are looking for a more 'perfected' handwoven construction, as they are less susceptible to the unique, one of a kind charms that can appear in certain handknotted Persian or Turkish semi-antique pieces like color variations (i.e, Abrash > ), ebs and flows in the dimensions, shaved piles, etc. 

With newly-woven rugs, you may experience some minor rug shedding at the outset as a completely normal bi-product of these constructions. To learn how to treat shedding in your newly-woven rug, see here > .

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