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Can I be sure that the colors of the rug photographed will be the same in person?Updated 2 months ago

Can I be sure that the colors of the rug photographed will be the same in person?

We do our best in the studio to make sure that rug colors are as accurately represented as possible and have professionally set up lighting to best match natural daylight. We do advise shoppers to refer to the close-up product images (images 5-9) for the best color accuracy along with the color Pantone swatches as a useful tool for reference.

It is important to note that for rugs with a higher (thicker) pile, colors may appear more or less dark depending on which end of the rugs’ length you are viewing from. The reason for this is because hand-knotted rugs are woven upright on a vertical loom to which the weaver pulls down on each knot whereby a natural slope of the carpet pile is formed in one direction. That said, if you are viewing the carpet where the pile is angled towards you, the carpet will appear lighter. If you are viewing the rug from the other end where the pile is pointed away from you, then the colors will appear slightly more intense. All our rugs are photographed capturing the darker side of the rug.

Lastly, there may be slight variations in what you see on screen depending on your computer’s color, contrast and brightness settings. We would be happy to provide additional information for your peace of mind prior to purchase, please get in touch via our Contact Form >.

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