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We've tried to cover all common queries

Are your rugs, carpets and kilims new or used?

We have a mixture of semi-antique, vintage and new woven rugs. Our semi-antique and vintage rugs are professionally cleaned and restored (if need be) but natural imperfections are inherent in these handcrafted items. Learn more about semi-antique con

I see this piece has sold out – when will you be getting more?

Many of our rugs are one-off pieces that we have carefully chosen for their unique character, so once sold we cannot re-source the exact same piece again. We do, however, have an extensive collection of our 30,000 carpets many of which come in simila

Can you get a certain rug in another size?

You will find that our extensive rug collection is mainly comprised of unique and one-of-a-kind pieces. If you happen to find a rug that you love but wish for it in another size, please let us know. We cannot guarantee that we will find that exact pi

Can I be sure that the colors of the rug photographed will be the same in person?

We do our best in the studio to make sure that rug colors are as accurately represented as possible and have professionally set up lighting to best match natural daylight. We do advise shoppers to refer to the close-up product images (image 5-9) for

Can I order a swatch?

Unfortunately, we do not offer swatches. This is due to the nature of our rug collections which consist of one-of-a-kind vintage and new woven carpets. If you wish to get a better idea of a rug’s color, pattern and texture, reach out via our Contact

Is it normal for my new rug to shed?

With new wool rugs, shedding of loose fibres is normal and a natural result of being handcrafted. Many new rugs woven in India and Pakistan are often sheared after the weaving process in order to achieve the ideal pile height for the style. The shear

Why do you fold the rugs before shipping? Can that damage the rug?

All rugs that are 4’ x 6’ and larger are folded on their width, rolled and packaged securely for shipping. Folding the rugs for shipment will not damage them as cotton and wool are very malleable and natural materials. However, it is normal for creas

Are all rugs washed before shipped?

All our rugs have been professionally washed and inspected prior to being listed on the shop.

What if I want to try 2 rugs but plan on only keeping one?

We understand that shopping for a rug online isn’t always an easy endeavor. If you have narrowed down your rug search to two pieces but are still hesitating on which one to go for, let us know the reason(s) as we would be thrilled to assist. We can a

Do you have staircase runners?

While we do not specifically offer staircase runners, multiple carpet runners can be used together to meet the length and width specifications of your staircase. Due to the heavy foot-traffic a staircase experiences, durability is of the utmost impor