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What if I want to try 2 rugs but plan on only keeping one?Updated 3 months ago

What if I want to try 2 rugs but plan on only keeping one?

We understand that shopping for a rug online isn’t always an easy endeavor. If you have narrowed down your rug search to two pieces but are still hesitating on which one to go for, let us know the reason(s) as we would be thrilled to assist. We can always send additional videos and photos of both rugs side by side to help with your decision making. If you wish to move ahead with ordering both rugs so as to try them out in your space – go for it! Just let us know via our Contact Form >, which one you will be sending back when the time comes. 

Please note: If you return one rug from an original order of two rugs that received the ‘Buy 2 Get 10% Off’ Promotion, your refund amount will account for the full price of the rug you end up keeping. This will be seen as an “Adjustment Fee” on your refund statement as the 10% promotion is no longer applicable on the rug that you kept.

More information about our Return Policies >

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