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Can I see rugs in your Showroom in Montreal?

For those located in the Greater Montreal Area, we welcome you to Book a visit to our Showroom to come see a selection of rugs-in person. Benefit from a complimentary personalized experience including product recommendations, sizing advice, rug care

Are all rugs on the website available to see in your Showroom in Montreal?

Yes - all our rugs that are listed on the website are in-stock and available to choose as part of your selections for viewing in our Montreal Showroom. Preparing for your Showroom Appointment >.

When can I visit the Showroom?

Our Showroom experience is available by appointment only. The Showroom is open Monday-Friday from 9:30 am – 3:00 pm. Please reach out to by email > or directly via our Showroom page > to book your complimentary Showroom Experience.

How should I prepare for my appointment?

Before arriving for your Showroom appointment, please take the time to prepare the following for the most personalized shopping experience:. *Those shopping for multiple spaces can see up to 3 rugs per room they are decorating.

Can I bring the designer I am working with to my appointment?

Absolutely! Feel free to bring along anyone with you to your appointment.

How many different rugs may I see during my appointment?

To help you find the perfect rug for your space, we encourage you to identify up to 3 different rugs that you wish to see in-person. Those shopping for multiple spaces can see up to 3 rugs per room they are decorating.

Can I buy in-person and leave with my purchase on the day of my appointment?

Yes — of course! We will securely package the rug(s) for transport and assist with placing your purchase in your car. Notable exception: If you are joining us from the United States and planning to drive back across the border, your purchases will ne

Can I buy in-person and have the rug shipped?

Yes — and shipping is free! Once you’ve purchased, we will take down your information and arrange for your item(s) to ship out the following day. We can also work with you to schedule delivery for a later date if need be. Orders shipping to Montreal,

Can I return the rug if I buy it in-person?

Yes - rugs purchased directly from our Montreal Showroom are subject to the same Return Policy > as those purchased online. Customers have 30 days from the delivery date (in this case, purchase date) of their order to return the item(s) back to ECARP